Nanik Wood Shutter panels are thicker than common wood shutters with a standard thickness of 36mm. Due to its highly rigid and durable construction, Nanik Wood Shutters can be used for louver doors and partitions, as well as for window treatments.

Instead of the conventional tilt rods and bars, our originally developed rack and pinion tilt system <RP-26>, is built into the stile, which allows all louvers to tilt synchronously and be perfectly aligned when one louver is tilted by hand. Accuracy of louver alignment is always maintained even after long years of usage.

  • Wood Material: Solid Basswood
  • Colors: 73 Standard Colors (Custom Color Matching Available)
  • Louvers available in 7 different profile and width
  • Shutter panels can be fitted with either horizontal louvers or vertical louvers
  • Standard Panel Size
  • Horizontal Louver Type: 2.7 square meters (width up to 900mm and height up to 3,000mm)
  • Vertical Louver Type: 3.6 square meters (width up to 1200mm and height up to 3000mm)
  • Oversized panels can be made upon request