Our Vision

As the pioneer and leading wood blinds manufacturer in Japan, we strive to achieve perfection in design, functionality, and durability in all of our products.


Our Story

In 1995, when wood blinds were still scarcely known and only aluminum blinds were common in Japan, Nanik Japan began distributing wood blinds made in Wisconsin, USA, to the Japanese market. In 1998, Nanik Japan initiated its own R&D to meet the demands of Japan’s high quality standards. Among the many innovations by Nanik Japan, the Simpull II lift/tilt system for wood blinds has gained recognition as a state-of-the-art control system, known for its functionality, durability, and ease of operation. All of our products are manufactured by our skilled craftsmen at our Nasu Factory in Nasushiobara-City, Japan.

Company Name

Nanik Japan, Inc.


[Main Office]
2-31-4 Hatsudai,Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 151-0061, Japan

[Nasu Factory]
2000-4 Sekiya, Nasushiobara-City, Tochigi, 329-2801, Japan


April 1996